Our Mission


At Maison De Haj custom and bespoke clothing, only the best, qualified material, and the best natural fiber in the world is used to produce our garments for an appearance and feeling of luxury At Maison De Haj, we truly believe that best materials are what makes a great looking garment for the highest quality and the most refined elegance.  

In today’s world of low cost, discounted bargain fashion, it’s refreshing to know that some people still respect a fine tailored suit. There’s standards set in the world of fashion and Maison De Haj is that standard. A third generation tailor who was taught the characteristics of design from his father.

“I love design and fabrics . While other kids in Senegal were playing football, what Americans call soccer , I was working in my father’s tailor shop learning how to make clothes for kings , queens, and dignitaries in Africa and throughout Europe. Like fine wine or art, fabric and leather to me is the foundation of creating a beautiful piece of sculpture through design . I love to use the suit fabrics in Super 120’s, 130’s through Super150’s. These fabrics have a particular characteristic used to tailor a couture suit, sport coat or slacks. The higher the super number, the finer the texture of the fabric. I use the finest of the super 100’s materials, linen, cotton, and bamboo to tailor my fine business, and leisure attire.”

Maison De Haj