Includes everything from wool, cotton, to cashmere.


The best in plain elegance.The World of Plains book is a mainstay for all seasons; typically, our Fall/Winter collection curates colorful darker tones and warmer textures. In this selection we bring together durable 4-harness construction, robust Super 110’s and luxurious flannel 120’s and Twill-Lux, as well as tasteful stretch flannel in Super 130’s . These exceptional fabric qualities and combinations make this the go-to book for everyday suiting and pants. This collection and all of its fabrics are authentically designed and made in Italy.



The avant-garde collection of stately suiting for dynamic events. Gallant Suitings is a spirited collection of stately suiting fabrics, distinguished by their modern stripe patterns in Super 130’s qualities. Suit fashion has transformed across North America from a daily dress code to an occasional wear. Today, it is more a show of elegance on a marked occasion than it is a daily outfit. This book was designed with that in mind, and is remarkably versatile as a result. Gallant Suitings aims to meet this trend with the best in avant-garde looks for all seasons in style. This book and all of its fabrics are authentically designed and made in Italy.



The highest quality Italian designed luxury jacketing. LUXOR reflects the attainment of the highest class of quality craftsmanship in the latest Italian designs. Knowledge passed on from the masters make this collection of jacketing woven from the finest wool bouclé, Vintage Super 130’s, as well as Cashmere and Wool, merit its standing as part of the world’s most desirable cloths. The palette of rich fall colors coupled with majestically woven textures result in elegant Fall/Winter attire. Luxor, where modernity meets luxury creating endless possibilities of individual self-expression. All cloths are authentically designed and made in Italy


Expressing the Modern Man’s Lifestyle; travelling in time with Freedom.Stretch Cotton Corduroy Luxury Velvet Knit Blazer Casual Stretch Jersey Effect Bi-Stretch Jersey Stretch Jersey Comfort Stretch Wool & Cashmere Corduroy Stretch Jersey Chic.


Lanificio Luigi Colombo is known worldwide as the leading company in the production of noble fibers. Creating prestigious fabrics: the simple story of a difficult job. Cashmere, Mink, Guanaco, Vicuna, and Superfine Wool, all truly have a soul. Three hundred people everyday, through the sophisticated technologies, turn their job into art. The marriage between quality, creativity and technology is the correct key to interpreting excellence. The acquisition of raw materials directly from their countries of origin - Mongolia, South America and Australia - and their processing within a vertical structure has facilitated their transformation into top quality textiles. Stories of far away places reaching us with a warm embrace, one of the last wonders of nature.