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Who is maison de haj?


Few designers have the pedigree in the fine art of crafting garments and design like Elhadji “Haj” Gueye. Born in Senegal, West Africa, Haj was trained from the tender age of seven under the strict guidance of his father, Barra Gueye. While Haj was still in the adolescent years of his life, in search of a better existence for his family, Haj’s father moved the family from Senegal to the city of lights, Paris, French, the fashion capital of the world. Post World-War II, while in Paris, Barra designed and tailored formal attire
for the French and West African aristocracies, the social hierarchy of the era. Being the second-generation tailor, Barra was determined to pass to his son the art of design and continue a third generation of tailoring through Haj. Smothered in the confines of his father’s shop and under his tutelage, young Haj sharpened his skills on how to construct garments, and the importance of using only the best materials to make outfits for the social elite. “It was tough growing up. While other children were outside playing, I was barricaded behind a sewing machine learning how to sew, cut fabric, and make clothes.”
— Haj

From these unassuming beginnings, Haj worked throughout Europe until 1987, when he made up his mind to move to the United States to pursue his own couture business. Currently residing in Washington DC, Haj brings over 30 years of experience and expertise to his personal brand.  Today, Haj is an award winning third-generation couture designer and master tailor that uses his knowledge of constructing garments, not only for the social elite, but for anyone who still values well-made garments. Not many designers have influenced their client’s style like Elhadji “Haj” Gueye. Carving paths through some of the most prestigious fashion brands, Haj has an elegant and distinctive aesthetic voice in fashion. 

“My vision is to provide an opportunity and help every individual and business in West Africa to realize their full potential, by creating a great place for people to work where they are inspired to be the best they can be, by building and nurturing a network of partners built on mutual trust and loyalty. Finally, by making a difference by being socially responsible and giving back.”

— Haj

What does it mean to realize your calling? To define yourself by what you love. It’s proof that a person’s demand for achieving excellence is eternal.

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