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Authentic Crocodile bag only gets better with age Croc bags immediately distinguish themselves from other goods produced from animal hides A crocodile accessory will never go out of style, so the investment is well worth the value.
There’s a reason that crocodiles can survive in water and land for hundreds of years Croc hides are soft, yet exceptionally tough Each hide has its own unique scale pattern ensuring that every bag crafted is distinctive Crocodile hides are one of the most durable natural materials found in the garment industry.
Like the American beef and pork industry, crocodiles are farmed for their meat The most popular cuts are the tenderloin, ribs, jaw, and tail, so the hides used to make our bags are one hundred percent processed for their meat consumed by a growing demand for its taste and nutritional value What’s the difference between the, croc, beef and pork industry, politics?
The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) encourages the sustainable use of crocodiles for skin and meat production is a legitimate conservation tool.

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